Start Sooner Career Coaching for Parents and Daughters

Does this sound like you?


My daughter won't talk to me about careers?

My daughter doesn't know what she wants to do when she finished school and I don't know how to help her?

My daughter and I have an argument every time we try and talk about careers?

My daughter wants to build a career in an area I know nothing about and I don't know how to help her.

My daughter has told me she doesn't want to go to University but I don't know what other opportunities there are.

My daughter wants a career in an area that I don't think is right for her.

What are the options?


There are a variety of different options available to you and you will find full details of the programs below.

  • For some of you it will be guidance for you, to allow you to have the information to discuss with your daughter. 

  • For some of you it will be working directly with your daughter to help her get clarity.

  • For some of you it will be a combination of both of these.

All of the programs are flexible and during our initial discussion we will decide what the best format is for your individual situation.

Why me?


What I have realised through working for a variety of blue chip corporate organisations and smaller family run businesses is a common theme. When people are doing a job they love they are so much more successful. This led me to look at how I can start working with young women to help them find what this could be sooner in their careers. 

As a result of this experience of running award winning in-house Apprenticeship, Intern and Graduate programs as well as a variety of different  school work experience  programs I know what employers need and what makes someone successful in the world of work. 

I bring this real life corporate experience to help you and your daughter get clarity on career interests along with practical tips in order to ensure their future success in the workplace.


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